Friday, September 7, 2007

Moving and Shaking- Out of State Retailers and New Cookie Flavors!

I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last blog entry. I'm definitely going to try to be better about writing entries more regularly. Since my last update, we now have several out of state retailers that are now carrying our baked goods:

Cardullo's (Cambridge, MA)

Garelick & Herbs (Westport, New Canaan and Greenwich, CT)
The Store at 5 Corners (Williamstown, MA)

We are so excited to expand to other states on the east coast! These stores have a wonderful selection of gourmet foods and beverages, so our cookies have plenty of company.

Big news- this week, we are beginning to offer 2 new flavors of meringue cookies to retailers:

Since we are still in the process of informing retailers about these two new flavors, it will probably be at least another week or two before these two new flavors are available at retail locations.

Other news to report: Amandari Co's website ( is in the process of being updated. A portion of the changes are already complete- The layout of the site is much more consistent now. I used one template for all pages on the site, so it's much more user friendly. Photos and content are in the same places on each page, so your eyes don't have to dart back and forth trying to figure out where to get the info. you need- I figured anything I can to reduce eye strain is probably appreciated. You'll also see that I've added lots of new, mouth-watering photos of the cookies to the site.

I'll be uploading some additional photos and information about the new flavors in the next day or so. After this update is complete, the next step is to set-up an online store, which I think will be quite the adventure!